Shape Body Center in Houston, TX offers the latest in assisted weight loss and body contouring solutions. Our Houston, TX services include MassagesNon-Invasive Lipo, Infrared Body Wraps, Nutritional Supplements/Counseling, Vibration Fitness Trainers and good ole’ fashioned Motivation.

Body contouring allows you to tackle those stubborn fat deposits that won’t budge, even with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Our body contouring solutions are ideal for areas such as the neck, jaw, face, arms, hips, thighs, abdomen, love handles, bra strap area, and male breasts. We know that subtle improvements in physique can make a big difference in everything from how confident you feel to the type of clothing you can wear. Whether you are working to get back your pre-baby body, lessen the appearance of a double chin, or finally tackle that problem area, our aim is to help you be well and feel great about yourself.

Make an appointment for a infrared body wraps Houston, TX and get your body back. Not only will you skin look firmer, you will be healthier on the inside, and out. These therapeutic treatments are non-invasive, and can help with cellulite and stretch marks. You can lose inches, and get rid of harmful toxins that are trapped in your body. Regular body wraps can improve your skin tone, reduce wrinkles, and fine lines. The best results require a few treatments, but you will notice a difference after just one.

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