Weight Loss Coaching

Lose the weight, conquer cravings, and boost your metabolism by eating real food! Shed the pounds with guidance from weekly classes and a one-on-one consultation with a nutritionist.

  • Get the support, motivation and tips to succeed at 6 weeks of group classes (one class per week for one hour)
  • Identify and overcome your personal eating challenges with a two-hour appointment—a $250 value!
  • Stay on track with a simple eating plan and food diary
  • Prepare easy, delicious snacks and meals from our cookbook
  • Maximize your success with your nutrition guide chock-full of great ideas!
  • Enjoy 10% off supplements during the class series
  • Take advantage of 20% off additional nutrition counseling appointments booked during the class series

What our clients are saying:
“Absolutely life-changing class! A miracle that I’ve come from being the queen of PastaLand to queen of Feeling Greatland! My wellness wellbeing is now part of my everyday!”

“A wealth of good solid scientific information—not just a fad. There was no diets, this was a lifestyle change!”

“My main goal for the coaching was to control my food cravings and binging. It feels good to be in control of my food instead of the other way around.”

“I now feel an incredible sense of control over what I put into my mouth and thus my body. I was amazed at how quickly my sugar cravings went away (approx. 4 days) with the RESOLUTION program and even more amazed at how much better my body felt (fewer aches, pains, stiffness). Thank you!!!”

“In just a few weeks, I’ve stopped binge eating, have very little cravings for carbs, sugar and chocolate, and I’m sleeping better. I feel great and am excited to continue!”

Class format

  • Evening 6-week class—one night per week for one hour
  • Daytime 6-week class—typically offered over the lunch hour (a great way to take a break in your work day!)


Cost for the 6-week program is $399 (includes 6 group classes, a two-hour nutrition counseling appointment, nutrition guide, and food diary). Sign up with a friend and you both receive $25 off! To receive this discount, please call 713-482-1349 to sign up and have your friend’s name and contact information ready when you call (the discount cannot be applied to online enrollees).